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Change and continuous refinement are key factors and strengths of the Zehnder Group.

From 1930 onwards, after giving up the motorcycle production, the Zehnder Group has developed into a leading, global-active radiator manufacturer. During the 1990s, many business activities were alienated in favour of clear focussing on the core business: radiators. These visions and their consequent implementation have contributed to the long-term, satisfying development of Zehnder Group.

However, that was and is not the end of the process of continuous innovation. Since the beginning of the new century, we have transformed ourselves from a pure radiator company to a provider of a comfortable room climate. The advance in the area of the so-called silent cooling using our radiant ceiling panels and our new business area of comfort ventilation are an expression of our vision.

Both these initiatives supplement the – already varied – product range (bathroom radiators, radiators made-to-measure, electrical radiators) in an ideal manner. More and more, the Zehnder Group is thus developing into a synonym for warmth and a comfortable, healthy indoors atmosphere.
Leading market position

Zehnder Group strives for a leading position in the markets that it operates in. I.e. the Zehnder Group wants to always belong to the best three companies in the world in its areas of business.


We utilise all our assets to obtain the greatest results.

We continuously develop new and successful products. The list of our innovations is becoming ever longer, and we are recognized in the market as an innovation leader. We are expanding our already strong sales organisation further – whether in countries where we are already active, or in new countries. We have the best qualified sales staff for customer support and consultancy. There are modern information and information technology gadgets available to the sales teams, which are currently being expanded in a project lasting several years. We keep our modern production facility state-of-the-art. We continuously invest in machines and plant. At the same time, we are developing new manufacturing technologies to be able to produce our products even more cost-effectively and with even better quality. We are quality-and environment-conscious. Our factories are ISO 9000 certified. In those rare cases where we work with potentially environmentally harmful materials, we have taken the maximum possible precautionary measures and are also certified according to the environment audit ISO 14001. We are working actively on also certifying our other factories accordingly. We manufacture in a sustainable fashion – and our products are sustainable. Products from the house of the Zehnder Group – provided they are used or operated in a technically correct manner – have a life of several decades. Our radiators are made mainly from steel or aluminium, which can be easily recycled. Because our products should, during their active useful life, serve to provide warmth and comfort and it should be possible to later dispose of them without difficulty.


Long-term and profitable growth

Zehnder Group strives to achieve long-term, profitable growth. We achieve this primarily through organic growth. In addition, we also collaborate in many different ways with third parties or carry out takeovers – especially if this means to promise more success to us.

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