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The Fridgenius Story

Fridgenius was started in 1995 by its Managing Director David Slydel, based in Wimborne, Dorset, UK. The company is a family business run by his son Chris Slydel.

We supply National and International distributors with Solenoid Valve Operating Magnets suitable for use in Refrigeration, Air-conditioning, Water, Oil and Gas installations.

We designed the Solenoid Valve Operating Magnet to solve the problem of how to operate Solenoid Valves when a system is not under power. The Magnet is the same shape and size of a large cotton reel and, when placed onto a solenoid valve (with the coil removed), it causes the armature to open or close.

This means the magnet can be used to operate valves in a plant or system which has yet to be wired-up or has been decommissioned.It eliminates the need to wire up the system or worry about the correct voltage. It can also be used when recovering refrigerant from a plant which has already been decommissioned and power removed. In emergencies, such as the failure of a Solenoid Valve coil, it can also be used to keep a system operating while a replacement coil is found.








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