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Five things you should know about overheating in the home (but maybe you didn’t)

As summer temperatures soar in the UK, people are rejoicing at the prospect of wearing shorts to work, or getting out the flip-flops and deck chairs set up outside to maximise our very limited Vitamin-D exposure. However, summer months can… Read more

Electricians face double whammy of late payments and rising costs   

Construction-related companies across Scotland are being hit by a double whammy of rising costs and late payment, according to an influential new business survey which tracks quarterly activity and trends. On the issue of payment, respondents to the survey confirmed… Read more

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The 18th Edition and fire safety: what you need to know

The Wiring Regulations, also known as BS7671, have undergone a new round of changes (the 18th Edition) to keep up with the ever-evolving ways we design and install electrical installations. Key amendments to Regulations on fire safety, particularly regarding escape… Read more

ICOM launches guide to water treatment for commercial DHW

‘Water Quality Consideration of Domestic Hot Water Systems for Commercial Applications’, is the latest water treatment guide published by the Industrial and Commercial Energy Association (ICOM). It has been produced in response to industry concerns about the lack of clear… Read more

Fire door safety ignored despite Grenfell tragedy

Despite the shocking tragedy of the Grenfell fire in London last summer, an online poll has revealed that 50% of tradespeople don’t feel confident in advising customers on fire door safety. Despite extensive media coverage about the dangers of inadequate fire… Read more

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Titon adds powerful new compact hrv 1.6 q plus unit to its range

Titon has extended its range of MVHR units with the introduction of the new, ultra-compact HRV 1.6 Q Plus. Designed specifically for the modular construction market, the new high-performance unit measures just 600mm wide, enabling it to fit into tight… Read more

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Titan Products Release their next Generation of CO2, Humidity & Temperature Sensors

Titan Products has unveiled the latest additions to their popular CO2, Temperature and Humidity sensor range - a wireless Zigbee 3.0 variant and a Smart BACnet variant which includes Modbus communications. Providing combined CO2, Temperature and Humidity monitoring, both options… Read more

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Increase your building’s potential with SIP Serial Slice

Synapsys Solutions’ new SIP Serial Slice is the cost-effective solution for multiple Modbus network applications, extending the number of RS485 and RS232 ports available to the SIP+ platform. Designed for receiving and transmitting data via the Modbus protocol, SIP Serial Slice… Read more

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SAV adds value with AirMaster AM 150

The new AirMaster AM 150 Smart Ventilation Unit (SVU) from SAV Systems has been specially designed to provide efficient, draught-free, demand-controlled ventilation in relatively small spaces such as offices with up to 3-4 occupants. The units are also fitted with… Read more

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Rinnai hot water delivery – pay as you go heating

Jennifer Williams looks at how continuous flow hot water delivery systems are fast overtaking the old technology of heating and storing water ready use. Reports from the market on hot water heating system delivery in the commercial sector are showing a… Read more

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