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Clean air in the workplace

With the roadmap now in place for return to work, it is time to ensure the air your staff and visitors breathe is clean and safe. Humidity Solutions offers the Mia Air - a state of the art indoor free… Read more

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HVAC zoning systems: efficient temperature management

Several studies around the world show that the greatest energy consumption from homes and buildings comes directly from HVAC systems. This fact, together with the current need to keep spaces well ventilated, demands new initiatives to maximize the efficiency and… Read more

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Zoning systems: the popular strategy for System Integrators

It is a known fact that HVAC systems represents the most energy consuming asset from a building, and with the current pandemic situation, system integrators are looking for new cost-effective strategies to control them, whilst keeping user comfort to the… Read more

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New ROCKWOOL® HVAC calculator simplifies specification

Online calculator saves time when calculating HVAC insulation thickness ROCKWOOL has made selecting the optimum thickness of HVAC insulation quicker and easier, with the launch of ROCK-EQ, a new online calculator. Designed for mechanical engineers, consultants and insulation installers, ROCK-EQ… Read more

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The SMART-Sensor EPD from Reliable Controls delivers a modern networked-sensor solution that allows you to connect with up to 10 configurable parameters related to a space. These can include temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), date, time, and more.… Read more

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Unique Domestic AC System from Toshiba Offers Infinite Design Possibilities

HAORI brings stunning aesthetics, first-class efficiency, silent output and leading air quality to residential air conditioning systems   Toshiba, a global leader in high-efficiency, high-performance HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) systems for domestic and commercial buildings, has redefined residential… Read more

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Extended Capabilities for Offices and Commercial Buildings

The latest generation of Toshiba Carrier UK’s award-winning Mini TouchScreen air conditioning controller, designed for use with Toshiba air conditioning systems, offers enhanced capabilities that extend its application to offices and commercial buildings. Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd (TCUK) is a… Read more

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Viega’s new pipe is of a stainless-steel grade that incorporates all the key benefits of copper, such as its high corrosion resistance, without any of the negatives associated with cheaper copper alternatives. This ensures that contractors have a costeffective, versatile… Read more

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Grundfos have the systems knowledge to go beyond the pump

Today, it is generally acknowledged that pumps are big energy consumers and that many are needlessly inefficient. Equally there is an awareness that by focussing on changing to high efficiency pumps that incorporate advanced motor technology, an average pump’s energy… Read more

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Improve your pump performance through re-commissioning 

One aspect within the Building Services arena that doesn’t get as much attention as it should, is on the topic of re-commissioning. This under focussed area can play a very important role in contributing to a buildings energy use and… Read more

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